Womens’s Health

Are you seeking a quick, nonsurgical solution to regain your intimate wellness?

At Sunalta we recognize whole body health goes beyond what is offered within Alberta public healthcare services. For this reason, we created our fee for service Women’s Health program to meet all the needs of our female patients.

Are you seeking a quick, nonsurgical solution to regain your intimate wellness? Sunalta is one of the only clinics in Calgary to offer the new radiofrequency treatment TempSure™ Envi with Vitalia™.

TempSure Envi with Vitalia delivers painless RF heat into your vaginal canal and external tissues to provide a number of benefits which include:

Relieving vaginal dryness

Increasing vaginal blood flow

Tightening your vaginal canal

Tightening vaginal skin

Increasing vaginal sensitivity

Minimizing urinary leaks and stress incontinence

You may also notice renewed self-confidence after the therapy and a positive change in your intimate relationship as well. The gentle, quick therapy is safe for all skin types.

TempSure Envi’s RF technology gently heats your skin to a consistent, therapeutic temperature. The RF heat penetrates below the surface of your skin where collagen synthesis occurs. Increasing your skin’s temperature for a defined period triggers a natural rebuilding response in your skin, creating new collagen fiber.

Unique to the TempSure Envi is a slim probe that is designed for the female anatomy. The probe goes into your vagina, where it delivers measured doses of RF energy to stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin cells. The therapy isn’t painful for most patients.

Treatment sessions



4 weeks apart for internal


15-60 mins

Treatment time



*Individual results will vary and are not guaranteed.