Clinical Services

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Men’s Health

We created our fee for service Men’s Health program to meet all the needs of our male patients.


Womens’s Health

We created our fee for service Women’s Health program to meet all the needs of our female patients.


Lumps & Bumps Clinic

A skin lesion is a bump, lump, or sore on the skin. Most skin lesions are benign, and they are not usually problematic.


Mental Health Consultation

At Sunalta we recognize that your mental health is an integral and important part of your overalls sense of physical well-being.


Neonatal Care

Regular prenatal care throughout your pregnancy helps to catch potential concerns early and reduces the risk of pregnancy and birth complications.

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Post-hospital followup

We provide our patients with post-acute (sub-acute) care, so you get back on your feet and back to full health after leaving the hospital.


Sports Injuries

We can address injuries related to lowkey recreational activities through to elite level competitive participation.



The availably for vaccinations is constantly changing since new products are always becoming available.